Tim Smith, Derek White, Andrea Sweetwood-Smith, Kacie Brailsford, Will Harrison in fron


We are Team Moebius.

Team Moebius is the behind Many Faces of Moebius Syndrome (MFOMS).  This includes our Executive Director, board members, and other trusted advisors and associates of (MFOMS)

Just as Moebius impacts people and families across the country and across the globe, Team Moebius members are found across the United States, and the world.

Our mission: 

To create a better tomorrow by increasing awareness about Moebius Syndrome to the world.

Members of Team Moebius

Tim Smith, President, Chairman of The Board    tim@teammoebius.org

Gavin Fouche, Vice President  gavin@teammoebius.org

Kacie Nievesmassol, Treasurer    kacie@teammoebius.org

Andrea Sweetwood-Smith, Secretary   andrea@teammoebius.org

Derek White, Executive Director  derek@teammoebius.org

Will Harrison,  will@teammoebius.org

Donnie Downs, donnie@teammoebius.org

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